TORANA Weddings/Events

‘TORANA WEDDING’ is an institution which has its own inimitable superlative skills with a complete different focus on photographs and videoing of wedding receptions with fully equipped sophisticated equipment with a team consisting of skilled and competent staff.

DVD Encoding / Authoring and Mastering for Industrial Replication

Our multiple packages offer you a range of award-winning design and technological expertise, giving your project the attention it deserves. With services that range from basic DVD encoding to fully customized menu design, Closed Captioning, director’s commentary track, and motion menus, we can provide the customized functionality you need.

Audio / Video Transfering and Recoding Analogue to Digital

Beta Max , VHS , Super VHS, HI8 , 8mm, DVCam Beta Cam,CD, DAT , Spooles

Telecine Conversions

The process of converting any motion picture film format (8mm 16mm 35mm) to any video format is known as Telecine