About Torana Video

1976 Torana Music Centre at #:34, 42nd Lane Wellawatte

1st Transaction of Mrs.Trixie Kotelawela with Mr.Kandasamy at M/s Torana Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd Colombo-3

Ms.Chandrani Kotelawela with her brothers

Three brothers Ranjith, Kumara & Sarath lighting the oil lamp

TORANA VIDEO MOVIES is one among the family owned Torana group of companies, which was founded nearly 3 decades ago by the late Mrs.Trixie Kotelawela, wife of Mr.D.S.Kotelawela who hailed from Horana. The first company she formed was Torana Trade Centre in 1978. While it was Mrs.Kotelawela’s brainchild, she was fortunate enough to have the active support and encouragement of her young daughter, Chandrani. The late Mrs.Kotelawela pioneering entrepreneurship was influenced by very stringent import restrictions, which prevailed in the country at the time.


At the inception, Torana marketed imported textiles including sarees and ladies and gents clothing. One of Torana’s specialties was bridal sarees. In the fullness of time, Mrs. kotelawela’s sons who were inspired by their mother’s success, began to take the responsibility in the business. They were also fortunate to have an inspiration and guiding spirit of a close family friend, Nanadana Keerthi Jayasuriya. With rapidly changing economic conditions, a new liberalization import policy in the late 70’s and the creation of a free market economy,the Torana Group rightly decided to diversify. Mrs. Kotelawela’s son’s – Ranjith,Kumar and Sarath,all of whom had their Primary education at Royal college,Colombo,moved in and set out to give Torana a brand new image. The 3 brother’s formed 3 different companies under the Torana banner, and launched into the marketing of local & imported recorded music. Kumara Kotelawela took over the group flagship company, Torana trade center and further extended his area of activity to cater to the fast growing television industry.


In 1987 he established TORANA VIDEO MOVIES, which is today recognized as a market leader in the sale of pre-recorded video tapes, Sinhala teledramas and films, while also operating a successful video production studio. The principle objective of TORANA VIDEO MOVIES is a sincere desire to provide a link between Sri Lankans, of all communities living abroad and their motherland. TORANA VIDEO MOVIES satisfy a craving among these Sri Lankans. To keep in touch. With the cultural traditions they have left behind, by providing them with a comprehensive selection of teledramas and films made in Sri Lanka, on video tape. The success of this venture has clearly justified the creation of invaluable service which Torana Video movies targets to Sri Lankans living oversease. Torana Video Movies will continue to grow and expand the scope of its services to Sri Lankans at home and abroad, utilising the latest trends in information technology and communications.