Viragaya is The Way of the Lotus


Martin Wickramasinghe’s novel, Viragaya is the story of Aravinda and three women who had a profound influence on his life: Sarojini, the girl who loved him: Bathee, his adopted daughter who becomes the cause of much anguish in his like, and Menaka, his worldly, mercenary sister.

The love story of Aravinda and Sarojini., is a theme in the novel that will appeal to many young readers. But there is a deeper theme brought out by Aravinda’s troubled life that ends with his early death.. The title of the English translation of Viragaya is The Way of the Lotus It gives us a hint of that deeper theme. The Dhammapada describes the Buddhist aspiration in living, in terms of the symbolism of the lotus that risen from the mud in which it stands.

Aravinda was a virtuous character like a fruition . He was studying to become a doctor , halfway his father dies . He is so generous does not care about the worldly things . He adopts a child named Bathie ( Sabeetha Perera) and he cares for her like a father. Film concludes by showing the funeral of Aravinda, making thaaewer also sympathetic towards Aravinda .


Director         Tissa Abeysekera

Producer      Chandra Mallawaarchchi

Cast              Sanath Gunathilaka, Sriyani Amarasena, Douglas Ranasinghe, Daya Alwis

Category      Drama

Duration      170 mnts

Format        PAL colour

Language    Sinhala

Sub Title    English

Awards      Special Awards: Sarasavi, OCIC , Swarnasanka