Sudu saha Kalu


The only teledrama in which the legendary actor Gamini Fonseka took part.

Kalu Mahattaya (Gamini Fonseka), a man who built a bloodstained empire in a post-colonial rural Sri Lankan village is facing the hidden rage of the new generation.

His daughter Medha (Devika Mihirani) who knows nothing about her father’s past, returns to her native village after many years. She brings her best friend Renu (Dayani Boyawalana) along with her. They join the staff of the village school.

Having spent some time under the mighty shadow of her friend’s father, Renu becomes very fond of him. She even thinks of writing a book about this larger-than-life person.

But Lal, a teacher and an illegitimate son of Kalu Mahattaya, has other thoughts. Seeing the opportunity for his long awaited revenge, he persuades Renu to tread the untrodden paths of the village history towards a series of mysterious deaths. Things begin to be divulged making Kalu mahattaya’s colossal image shattered.

Eventually Medha starts questioning but her father, once the unquestionable ruler, has no answers. Thus his empire falls apart.

Kalu Mahattaya challenges the conspirators for the ultimate battle. They accept the challenge reticently but instead of confronting him, they hide and shoot.

Director         D. B. Nihalsingha
Producer       D. B. Nihalsingha
Cast               Gamini Fonseka Devika Mihirani, Sri Nimal Padmakumara, Dayani Boyawalana
Category       Tele – Drama
Duration       260 MNTS
Language     Sinhala
Awards         best tele drama, best actor , best photography, best music director, best sound recordist OF VIJAYA AWARDS FEST