Suddilage Kathawa


Swarna Mallawarachchi plays the role of Suddi who is married to Romiel, a hired assassin, played by Cyril Wickremage. Suddi’s life becomes complex when her husband ends up in prison, and she is forced to have multiple affairs in order to support herself. Joe Abeywickrema plays the role of the village head whose brother in law is a shop owner, played by Somi Rathnayake. Observe how the lives of these characters are intricately nested around love, hate, deception, crime, and murder.Witness the facets that greed takes, in this exceptional feature film, beautifully shot and portrayed by accomplished cinematographer Udaya Perera.

Director      Dharmasiri Bandaranayake

Producer    Bandula Gunawardane

Cast            Swarna Mallawarachchi, Joe Abeywickrema, Cyril Wickremage, J H Jayawardena, Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Salaman Fonseka, Ananda Wijeshinghe, Sumithra Sarathchandra, Lalitha Sarathchandra, Asoka Peiris

Category    Drama

Duration    145 Minutes

Format      PAL

Language  Sinhala

Awards      Sarasavi Film Festival Award 1986 – Best Film, Sarasavi Film Festival Award 1986 – Best Direction, Sarasavi Film Festival Award 1986 – Best Script, Sarasavi Film Festival Award 1986 – Best Actress