Sihina Danauwa


The story begins when Varuni (Dilki Weerasinghe) a young school girl, is photographed by an official newspaper cameraman Priyalal (Kamal Addarachchi) while playing in a school Netball match.
The photograph appears in the newspaper, creating a huge outcry in her school among her principal and teachers. After much discussion Varuni is expelled from school. Her arrogant father tries to exploit the situation by suing Priyalal for millions. Meanwhile a romance blossoms between Varuni and Priyalal. A court settlement is reached and life returns to normalcy. However, chaos erupts once again when one of Priyalal’s friends steals his negatives and publishes more pictures of Varuni. Victimized by this treachery Priyalal finds himself back in court.
Will the truth emerge or will Priyalal pay the price for a deed he did not commit?

Director       H.D.Premaratne
Producer     Magala Jayasinghe
Cast             Kamal Addarachchi, Dilki Weerasinghe, Suminda Sirisena, Chandani Senavirathne,Gnananga Gunawardhane, Hiasinth Wijerathne, Ruby De Mel, W.Jayasiri, Jaya Sri Chandrajith, Amarasoma Samarakkodi, Anesly Dias, Gemunu Wijesuriya
Category    Tele – Drama
Duration    250 Minutes
Format      PAL
Language  Sinhala