Sath Samudura


A family of a fishing community with a mother and her two sons live facing the realities of life. The younger son Gunadasa marries Soma who is from a remote village. The conflict of lifestyles emerge as Soma finds it hard to fit in to the day-to-day life of the fishing community, and this leads to a conflict within the family and ultimately Gunadasa and Soma leaves for a new place. The elder son Sediris surrender to one of the unavoidable realities of a life of a fisherman. What will become of the elderly mother who fought so much with the life’s cruelties? Watch this legendary movie to find out.

Cyril Wickramage
Swarna Mallawarachchi
Denawaka Hamine
Edmund Wijesinghe
Leena Fernando
Hemamali Gunasinghe
Somasiri Dehipitiya
Bertie Kiridena
Sumiththa Rajasinghe
Rathnawali Kekunawala


Siri Gunasinghe


Music by
Somadasa Elwitigala

Screen play
Siri Gunasinghe
Wasantha Obeysekara

Cinematography & Editing by


Produced by

Linus Dissanayake

Directed by
Siri Gunasinghe