On the way to welcome a girl who was proposed to him for marrage, Vimal (Wijaya Kumaratunga) stays at an old bungalow. Upon seeing some old photographs there, memories of a past life dawns on him. In that life he was an employee of an estate belonged to the owners of that bungalow. He hopelessly falls in love with the owners’ daughter, Sangeetha (Malini Fonseka). The whole world rises against them and they are forced to separate. Vimal was insulted, humiliated, beaten and left alone, but he survives. Time passes by, and the fate intervenes again. The lovers find each other, but now Sangeetha is married to someone else. They fight a losing battle, and Sangeetha kills herself. Vimal was murdered, but the murderers could not escape the karma.

But will everything be over with death? Will the lovers be together in another life?

Director         A film by Timothy Weeraratne
Producer       Timothy Weeraratne
Cast               Wijaya Kumaratunga, Malini Fonseka, Wimal Kumara de Costa
Category       Music
Duration       150 mnts
Format         PAL
Language     Sinhala