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Rupiyal Satha


This teledrama attepmts at bringing out the human vs inhuman conflict, that money brings about in society. These characters may not be labeled as exclusively good or exclusively bad. His characters therefore,remain authentic with that natural mixture of good and bad.Somadasa is an office peon,who earns a living with the greatest difficulty and leads a life of harsh privations.In his effort to redeem the pawned ear studs of his child,he gets involved with an old lady who is a money lender.In this scuffle,the old lady dies at Somadasa’s hands.As this teledrama unfolds with this death as the central focus,an impressive analysis is effected about the money-centered society.This avaricious yearning for money accompanied by folly,makes the world and society turn topsy-turvy.The extremely harrowing reality that the teledrama scrutinizes,is the analysis of human feelings,giving priority to law built on inhuman logic.

Director       Bertram Nihal
Producer     Bertram Nihal
Cast             Irangani Serasinghe, Vincent Weerasinghe, Richard Weerakkody, Grace Ariyawimal, Ranjith Wickremasinghe, Mangala Karunaratne, Cyril Wickremage, Daya Tennakoon, Chandra Kaluarachchi, Sandun Wijesiri, Jagath Silva, Felicia Kanthi
Category     Tele – Drama
Duration      213 Minutes
Format        PAL
Language    Sinhala