Pathok Palama


The plot revolves around a rich boy Jagath (Jagath Beneragama), who falls in love with a poor girl Ranmali ( Ruwanthi Mangala), while still in school. Due to strong objection to their affair by the boy’s father, the young lovers run away and get married. Life becomes difficult for the young couple, as without a proper education jobs are scarce. In a desperate bid to make ends meet, Jagath takes up employment at a funeral parlour. The very nature of the job drives him into depression and he takes to drinks. The situation is further aggravated by the birth of a child, and the financial problems seem to be unending. Driven to desperation Jagath robs some jewellery from his landlord’s house. This is witnessed by the daughter of the house, who then shouts out to her mother. Trying to silence the girl and her mother, Jagath ends up killing them both. He buries the bodies in the garden. Filled with remorse, he confesses his deed to his wife. Police investigations commence. Will the truth emerge?

Director        Sumith Kumara
Producer      Sumith Kumara
Cast              Jagath Beneragama, Ruwanthi Mangala, Edward Gunawardane, Menike Aththanayake, Daya Alwis, Chithra Warakagoda, Suminda Sirisena, Shrinath Maddumage, Chamila Aththanayake, Hasanika Karaliyadda, Nelum Perera, Biyanka Shyamani
Category     Tele – Drama
Duration     360 Minutes
Format        PAL
Language    Sinhala