Nethra Mangallaya


A love that never gave up…

Punyalatha is the only daughter of a fatherless washer family. Tasting the bitterness of poverty they are in a constant struggle to continue their education. Making things worse their mother gets paralyzed. Matara Mudalali, a generous businessman, is their only hope.

Mudalali’s son Vijaya and Punyalatha are going to the same school. As time goes by, a bond arises between Vijaya and Punyalatha and, one day, this bond goes beyond the boundaries. They agree to keep this as a secret. Then Vijaya decides to quit his education and join the army.

Meanwhile Bharatha, a friend of Vijaya , comes to the village. He tries to come between Vijaya and Punyalatha and Vijaya marries Kumari. Then Bharatha attempts to start a relationship with Kumari. He reveals the secret between Punyalatha and Vijaya.

Vijaya becomes a victim of a bomb and returns home blind. But Punyalatha could not stay silent watching his life falling apart. She takes some brave decisions to give him his life back…

Director          SUMITH KUMARA
Producer        SUMITH KUMARA
Cast                H.A. Perera, Jayasri Chandrajith, Priya Ranasingha, Mahendra Perera, Senaka Wijesingha, Semini Iddamalgod, Rukmal Nirosh
Category        Drama
Duration        340 mnts
Format          PAL DVD-9 DUAL LAYERx2 Discs
Language      Sinhala