Monara Thanna


The film was shot during the peak of Malini/Vijaya starring as lovers in the silver screen. Malini (Sanda) is the daughter of the village Chieftan. Vijaya (Piyasoma) is a poor young lad living off the Chieftan’s lands. An affair blossoms between Sanda & Piyasoma. The brother of Sanda gets to know this and during the ensuing fight Piyasoma fells the brother. Fearing he had killed a man Piyasoma runs off and joins a hotel as a waiter. The owner likes him and helps his education until Piyasoma becomes a GA. Meanwhile Sanda is married to a gambler and looses everything to become a matron of a children’s home. Piyasoma falsely charged with murder is eventually acquitted and becomes a successful businessman. As a patron he visits the orphanage where Sanda is working. Sanda and Piyasoma meet again in a happy ending.

Director      Yasapalitha Nanayakkara

Producer    W Jayathissa, Jayaseeli Jayathissa

Cast            Vijaya Kumarathunga, Malini Fonseka, Soniya Disanayaka, Rukmani Devi, Anoja Weerasinghe, Domi Jayawardene, Rex Kodipiili, Rathnawali Kakunawala, Dayanananda Jayawardene, Piyadasa Wijekoon, Vincent Vass, Dharma Sri Munasinghe

Category    Drama

Duration    120 minutes

Format      PAL

Language  Sinhala