The film “MAYA” is based on a novel on re-in carnation by Manel Abayaratne.

Six year old Kumari is an only child living with her mother in a large house in Kandy, her father a professor, an academic, is the away in London.
Through loneliness and boredom Kumari’s mother is having a love affair with a young married government clerical servant. One fine day in a moment of passion the young man accidently kills his mistress in her bedroom. Returning from a concert six year old Kumari is a witness to the killing. The lover in his desperation pushes little Kumari down the stairs to her untimely death.
At about the same time a child is born to a village woman in the Kothmale Hills. As Nelum grows up she starts remembering her past life.

The story of the re- in carnation is picked up by the news papers and given wide publicity. Kumari’s Father who has come back from England reads the story of the re-birth of Kumari as Nelum and goes and search of the child. The murder who has gone up the social ladder as a Government Agent feels threaten and attempts to kill little Nelum   for fear of been recognized by her. The dramatic tension thus created builds up to the final climax.

Director       Sumithra Peries
Producer     Lester James Peries
Cast             Ravindra Randeniya,Swarna Mallawarachchi,Dimuthu Chandani Kuruppu,Tony Ranasinghe,Geetha Kumarasinghe
Category     Drama
Duration     110min
Language    Sinhala
Sub Title     English