Le Kiri Kandulu


Jayananda is about sixty years old and is employed as an Executive in a private company. Jayananda and his wife Natalie live with their married daughter, her husband, and two children, and enjoy a very happy and carefree life. One night when he was driving along with his wife, through his negligence, his vehicle collides with another vehicle. The occupants of the other car were a young couple Upendra and Veena. Veena was carrying a full term baby close to giving birth, when the accident happened, and due to the accident she gives birth to a still born child.

Upendra and Veena who were eagerly anticipating the birth of a child for many years, were devastated. Their anger against Jayaynanda, whose negligence deprived them of a lively bouncing baby who would have so enriched their lives, was boundless. They looked upon him as a murderer, and Jayananda himself who was extremely fond of children, suffered in agony at the terrible outcome of the accident for which he was responsible. Witness as the story provides twist after twist, and one of the most exciting cinematic endings.

Director      Udayakantha Warnasuriya
Producer    Dilman Jayaratne, Ranjith Jayasooriya, Janith Marasinghe, Udayakantha Warnasuriya
Cast            Tony Ranasinghe, Nilmini Tennakoon, Sanath Gunathilake, Sriyani Amarasena, Nisansala Jayathunga, Buddhika Jayaratne
Category    Drama
Duration    76 minutes
Format       PAL
Language   Sinhala