Prince Vijaya of the Lion Kingdom of Tamil India, sets sail along with 700 men towards the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Here he meets Princess Kuweni of the Yakka tribe. With Vijaya’s help, Kuweni overthrows her father’s regime and becomes the queen of a new race. Eventually she’s thrown out of the palace along with her two children. The children later seperated from both parents, enter the jungles and eventually give rise to a tribe called the Veddah clan. Kuweni, deprived of her kingdom, curses the land with all her might, while Vijaya moves on to create a new race called the Sinhala (lion blood) in Sri Lanka.

Director           Henry Jayasena
Cast                 Manel Jayasena, Vijaya Nandasiri, Wijeratne Warakgoda, Felix Premawardane, Nimal Kuruwita Bandara, Indrakanthi Jayathilake, Nimal Jayasinghe, Fits Roy De Mel
Category         Drama
Duration         70 Minutes
Format           PAL
Language       Sinhala