Karuwala Adaviya


Life is a struggle that does not simply end… Sheela is a daughter of a feudal family and she is in a relationship with the person who manages her family’s property (Rathu mahaththaya). However she becomes increasingly skeptical about his philandering lifestyle and leaves him for a laborer (Jinadasa) who works at the estate. She runs away with him, get married and have kids. But their poverty stricken lives go from bad to worse when Jinadasa was accused for a crime and jailed. Sheela is left with no choice but to return to the village she thought she left for good. How will Rathu Mahaththaya react to this turn of events? How will Sheela’s children adapt to the new life? Will Sheela get any consolation? Watch ‘Kaluwara Adawiya’ to find out.
Chithra Warakagoda
Seetha Kumari
Chanaka Lankananda
Priyanthi Wijayagunasekara

camera- and script-Nalaka Rathnayake
edit-D.B.Chanaka de silva

Director-Gamini Perera