Kande Gedera


Society is made of numerous facets. The similairities and differences in heritage, culture, lifestyles, ethics and values outline how individuals and families connect or disengage from each other. Kande Gedera is a multipart teledrama that revolves around the story of a family that lives in a hilltop wallauwa in a rural region of Sri Lanka. WItness the day to day life of this family and partake in the joys and burdens of multiple generations. Observe how this family copes with the changes and cultural transformations brought about when urban influences clash with traditional values. Kande Gedera is a highly entertaining teledrama wih a gripping story brought to life by a fabulous cast.

Director      Ananda Abeynayake
Producer    Ananda Abeynayake
Cast            Rohana Beddage, Ramya Wanigasekera, Jayalath Manorathne, Veena Jayakody, Sriyantha Mendis, Kumari Perera, Jackson Anthony, Susantha Chandramali, Cyril Wickramage, Gunaratne Ranhoti
Category   Tele – Drama
Duration    550 Minutes
Format      PAL
Language  Sinhala