Harry is a slum-bred, worthless rake. He lives with his old, helpless mother. Although he is rakish in his behaviour, he has a secret ambition to become a social climber by hook or by crook. Leaving his mother at a home for the aged, Harry joins a gem-mine as a lobourer. Swallowing a gem surreptitiously, he runs away and becomes a millionaire. Gradually he begins to shun his companions who were with him in the early days. In this spirit he continues to keep his mother in the home for the aged. Delluded by the glittering allure of money and wealth, he finds that he has lost his wife as well. At the end of it all, as a destitute, he has to find shelter in the home for the aged where his mother lived. At this stage, his mother too had passed away.

Director        Bertram Nihal
Producer      Bertram Nihal
Cast              Nihal Fernando, Radha De Mel, Nilanthi Munasinghe, Mallika Premachandra, Richard Weerakkody, Hyasinth Wijeratne, Premanath Jayasekera, Anushi Hettiarachchi, Chandrika Munasinghe, Anula Bulathsinhala, Granvil Rodrigo, Gunaratne Ranhoti
Category     Tele – Drama
Duration     345 Minutes
Format       PAL
Language  Sinhala
Awards      Sumathi TV Festival Award 1995 – Best Actress, Sumathi TV Festival Award 1995 – Best Video Recordist