Kadalla Naa Unusum


Sahan and Duleeka are happily married and they have a small daughter. In one fateful day, Duleeka sees a girl from her husband’s office giving him a lift and she starts to doubt him. Even though Sahan had done nothing wrong she refuses to believe it. Troubled by her behavior, Sahan seeks company of his best friend Naveen for comfort. Instead of helping his friend, Naveen decides to take advantage of the situation. He manages to get close to Duleeka, poisons her mind further more and persuades her to get into a relationship with him. Finally she moves out of Sahan’s house.

Meanwhile, Naveen reveals his dark intentions to use Duleeka as a sex bate to seal a business deal. Enraged Duleeka refuses but Naveen threatens with her daughter’s life. Duleeka has no choice but to agree to Naveen’s suggestion. However, after hearing her story, the businessman decides to take action against this unforgivable crime.

What will become of Duleeka? Will Sahan ever forgive her? Will Naveen pay for his crimes? You’ll find out when you watch this amazing teledrama.

Director         Titus Ranasinghe
Producer       Geetha Shiranthi
Cast               Predeep Senanayaka, Nisansala Jayatunga, Buddhika Jayarathna
Category       Tele – Drama
Duration        24 Episodes 460 mnts.
Format          PAL Colour All region
Language      Sinhala