Hunuwataye Kathawa


The Fat Prince kills his brother the Governer, on Easter Sunday and forces the Governer’s wife to flee.Their son Michael who was left back, is hidden and saved from the Fat Prince by Grusha, a kitchen maid. Two years later Grusha and the Governer’s wife face each other in a custody battle over Michael, in the courts of Judge Azdak. Who will gain custody of the child? Will it be Grusha the maid who saved the life of the child and took care of him in times of difficulty, or will it be the child’s mother who now wants custody in order to take over her dead husband’s estate? Enjoy this entertaining feature stage play and witness how Judge Azdak ingeniously solves the custody battle by drawing a chalk circle.

Director        Henry Jayasena
Cast              Henry Jayasena Manel Jayasena, Senin Gunawardana, Sudath Senaratne, Samson Gomez, Chula Kariyawasam, H L P De Silva, Gunawathi Gunawardane, Jeewani Jayasinghe, Yasawathi Abeyratne, Nimal Jayasinghe, Fits Roy De Mel
Category     Drama
Duration     150 Minutes
Format       PAL
Language   Sinhala