Hiruta Muwaven


‘Hiruta Muwaven’ was popularly known as ‘Indi Aappa Kathawa’, during telecast and enjoyed the highest rating among the viewers. Kusal is the son of Lloyed Karalliyada, a factory owner and the son of Sir Fedrick Karalliyada. Lloyed controls his business affairs and family matters with the ‘iron fist’ technique. Kusal by chance meets Preethimali, the daughter of the string hopper supplier to the Karalliyada family, and takes a liking to the girl. It’snot a love affair. Lloyed hears that his son was with the girl somewhere and jumps the gun.He fires Preethimali’s sister who is working in the factory, and chases the son out. Like father like son, Kusal decides to fight back. He has to defy his father’s arrogance and challenge Preethimali’s cocky brother, a street fighter.

Director      Herbert Ranjith Peiris
Producer    H S Perera
Cast            Kamal Addaraarachchi, Sriyantha Mendis, Champa Sriyani Wickramathantri, Daya Alwis, Siril Dharmawardana, Suminda Sirisena, Raja Sumanapala, Liyoni Kothalawala, Jayangani Dikkubura, J H Yayawardena, Rathna Sumanapala, Manel Jayasena
Category    Tele – Drama
Duration     367 Minutes
Format        PAL
Language   Sinhala