Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli


Thummulle Padme is a thug who operates in an area called Mahawatta, situated close to the city. For his livelihood he forces shop keepers and boutique keepers to pay him ‘Kappams’, and he sells kasippu. The inspector of Police of the area called Bernard, tries to reform Padme, but to no avail. Lokaya is another thug who is selling drugs in an area close to Mahawatta. Padme who hates the drug business, comes into conflict with Lokaya the drug seller. Later, another marauding youth called Rambo, who joins hands with Padme in acts of violence, murders Lokaya. As elections get closer politicians start seeking the help of thugs to strengthen their constituencies. Padme and Rambo are supporting the candidate called ‘Jayasuriya’, while the Minister named Soysa is being supported by Willie and Sammy who are members of another gang of thugs. The two businessmen called Pattini Charles and Oscar, are intimate friends of Soysa.Charles is a smuggler and Oscar is a publican (a bar owner). Jayasuriya is Soysa’s adversary. Because of the political warfare between the gang of Padme and the gang of Willie and Sammy, Rambo is killed by the Willie-Sammy gang. In the meantime Padme kills a son of Minister Soysa. During this period an armed gang appears in the guise of a people’s front for its liberation, and starts going on a rampage killing people. The government in power resorts to arms to bring them under control. Padme who is now living in fear, joins Soysa’s political party and works under Soysa. Padme who becomes a Justice of the Peace succeeds in getting contracts through political influence. He becomes a rich man. Eventually the gang of Pattini Charles and Willy hires a thug called ‘Guy’, and gets him to shoot Padme to death. As Padme breathes his last, a lad called Manju who is related to Padme, starts coming into the forefront as a representative of the unending generation of thugs.

Director       Udayakantha Warnasuriya
Producer      Ranjith Jayasooriya
Cast            Jackson Anthony, Sriyantha Mendis, Palitha Silva, Ashoka Peiris, Ranagana Premaratne, Srinath Maddumage
Category      Drama
Duration      142 minutes
Format         PAL
Language     Sinhala