Eya Den Lokulamayek


Coming Of Age
Life’s beauty and the cruelty

Susila lives in a small village with her mother and two brothers. Growing up facing the bitterest
realities of life, her coming of age is delayed. But once it happened, she instantaneously
attracts the attention of the young men in the village. The Gramasevaka (Rathnayaka)
who lodges at her house gets interested in her, and so does Siripala.
Susila rejects Siripala and he takes his revenge by stealing her innocence.
With this, things change dramatically and Siripala pays for his misdeed with his life.
Amidst all the cruelties of fate, Rathnayaka decides to ask for Susila’s hand.
Will they ever get together? Watch this legendary movie to find out.

Cast            Malini Fonseka, Vijaya Kumaranathunga, Wimal Kumara De Costa, Eddie Jayamanne, Vincent Vaas, Shanthi Lekha, Shriyani Perera, Nishshanka Diddeniya
Producer    Munasinghe Appuhami
Director     Dharmasena Pathiraja
Director of Photography        K.D.Dayananda
Editor         Sextus Aponso
Music Director          Sarath Dasanayake