Delowak Athera


At the onset of the film, Nissanka (Tony Ranasinghe) is engaged to marry Shiranee (Jeevarani Kurukulasuriya), a woman of the same social class.

Nissanka decides to go to a club and asks Shiranee who politely declines. He thus goes alone and meets an old friend Chitra (Suwineetha Abeysekera). They rekindle their friendship and Nissanka offers a ride home. Chitra agrees and they set off only to accidentally hit and kill a pedestrian. The two now have a large secret as they flee the scene.

Nissanka’s family subsequently attempts to cover up the murder. Chitra is faced with a moral dilemma but doesn’t give Nissanka up the police. She

urges him to turn himself in. After mounting tensions, Nissanka decides to turn himself in and the film concludes with him heading to the station.


Director        Lester James Peries
Producer      Anton Wickremasinghe
Cast              Tony Ranasinghe,Suwineetha Abeysekera,Jeevarani Kurukulasuriya,Iranganie Serasinghe
Category      Drama
Duration      103min
Language    Sinhala
Sub Title      English