Dath Kakulu Pala


Weere (Lakshman Wijesekera) is a senior executive, enjoying a serene life with his loving wife Padmini (Mangala Karunaratne) and only daughter. One day he returns home to find his wife murdered. Weere is traumatised. His sister (Sriyani Amarasena) and her husband, try to comfort him. Sriyani advises her brother to take a short overseas assignment and offers to take care of the child. At first her photographer husband (Lucky), does not want to have the child, fearing for his freedom. But as time goes by Senhe (Lucky) and the child become inseperable friends. Will the child leave her mama (uncle) and go to her father?

Director       Sudath Rohana
Producer     Sriyani Amarasena
Cast             Lucky Dias, Sriyani Amarasena, Lakshman Wijesekera, Mangala Karunaratne, Shehani Koshila Jayasinghe, Samantha Epasinghe, Saranapala Jayasuriya, Sitha Kumari, Edna Sugathapala, Ramesh Ekanayaka
Category     Tele – Drama
Duration     300 Minutes
Format       PAL
Language   Sinhala