Dala Rala Pela


The story revolves around a poor village girl Pabawathie (Samitha Mudunkotuwa), who flees her home and runs away to Colombo, when her alcoholic father tries to force her to marry a man much older than her. In Colombo she ends up in a Walauwa household which consists of the owner, his deranged wife, adopted son and daughter. The owner, not having a great marraige himself, gets romatically attached to Pabawathie and gives her an ilegitimate child. The mother and child continue to live in the same house until the chils reaches the age of seven, in spite of the continued opposition from the daughter of the owner. Realizing that she will have a bleak future in the household, Pabawathie runs away and gets married to the driver of a neighbouring house, Weerasena. They live a life of poverty and ultimately the husband commits suicide, leaving her with another child. Will Paba’s trials never end, or will she finally attain the peace she yearns for?

Director        Chandraratna Mapitigama
Producer      Sunil Ratnayake
Cast              Somi Rathnayake, Samitha Mudunkotuwa, Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Sonoja Bibile, Ravindra Yasas, Lakmal Fonseka, Gayana Sudarshani
Category      Tele – Drama
Duration      460 Minutes
Format        PAL
Language    Sinhala