Dahasak sithuvili


Lalith is a chief Clarke of a Government Department. He falls in love with Nilanthi, a newly recruited typist. But Nilanthi is attracted to another handsome young Clarke in the same department named Sagara. Lalith detests this. He starts to suspect each and every act of Sagara and Nilanthi. ‘Dahasak Sithivili’ is based on Lalith’s efforts to prevent himself from getting carried away by these endless suspicions.

Director      Screenplay/ Direction/ Production- GDL Perera

Producer    GDL Perera

Cast            Henry Jayasena, Joe Abeyvickrama, Denavaka Hamine, Nilanthi Wijesingha, Malini Fonseka, Chandra Kaluarachchi, Dhamma Vanniarachchi, Sumana Amarasinghe, Sarojini Subasingha, Champa Liyanage, Ionie Weerasinghe

Category    Drama

Duration    2 hrs

Format      PAL Colour

Language  Sinhala

Sub Title    English

Awards      YES