The backdrop to this serialized teledrama Dadabima (Hunting Ground) is the decade of 1940-1950, during which the whole society in Sri Lanka was at a crucial watershed. The teledrama reveals the new social forces arrayed to counter this feudal authority. In this landscape of new colonialism, labour, economic resources, and even sex, are relentlessly exploited. Sylvester Hamu (Lord of the manor) is a nobleman of high ancestry of landed proprietors. The two disparate streams that symbolize those social phenomena are the two children of Sylvester Hamu. His child by his own wife is underdeveloped, while his daughter by his servant maid is a beautiful young woman. The Dadabima teledrama evolves with these two strata as the primary focus.

Director           Bertram Nihal
Producer         Bertram Nihal
Cast                 Richard Weerakkody, Hyasinth Wijeratne, Grace Ariyawimal, Gamini Hettiarchchi, Ranjith Wickramasinghe, Mangala Karunaratne, Felicia Kanthi, Wijeratne Warakagoda, Deepani Silva, Susil Gooneratne, Mallika Premachandra
Category         Tele – Drama
Duration         300 Minutes
Format           PAL
Language      Sinhala
Awards          O.C.I.C Award 1992 – Popluar Teledrama, O.C.I.C Award 1992 – Best Actor