Chala Achala


A few decades ago, somewhere in up-country, Anna gets married to Alexy Madugalla.

One day, on her way back after visiting her brother, Anna meets a handsome army officer called Ronald Randeniya. It was nothing unusual at first but when she meets him again in one of her friend’s party, things begin to get bizarre. Anna slowly realizes that she is in love with Ronald.

Her husband soon finds this out. Keeping all the sorrows to himself and living under the same roof with the woman who betrayed him, Alexy takes a tremendous effort to ameliorate the situation by taming the coercing thoughts of vengeance. He remains unperturbed even when he learnt that a physical bond has been emerged between Anna and Ronald. In course of time, after lengthy discussions with herself and her friends, Anna decides to leave Alexy and their little son even though Alexy refuses to sign the divorce papers.

But the twist of fate occurs soon as Ronald’s mother brings a marriage proposal to her son. Anna becomes suspicious but Ronald does not bother to console her.

And then, Anna takes a decision……………..!

Director              Andrew Jayamanna
Producer            Lakshman Hulugulla
Cast                    Ravindra, Wasanthi Chathurani, Asoka Pieris ,Kusum Renu ,Shriyantha Mendis, Airangani Serasinghe
Category            Drama
Duration            340 mnts
Format              DVD PAL
Language          Sinhala
Awards              Best actor Sumathi Tele Awards 1997