Bheeshanaye Athuru Kathawak


Somadasa a school principal, suddenly disappeared. His family is rendered helpless. He had three children,Panduka,Devinda,and Krishanthi. Mrs.Somadasa was in fervant hope that her husband will return home someday. Akman was a fellow resident in the same locality. The relationship between Akman and his wife Alan Nona, was somewhat starined. Their duaghter Manjula, an advanced level student, caught up in the mire of impaired relations between her mother and father, found life extremely uneasy. As Somadasa objected to Akman’s illegal and anti-social activities, the relations between the two families were not at all pleasant. Panduka made a determined effort to find out who the abductors of his father were. In the meantime, he obtained a job as a journalist in a newspaper office.

Director        Amarnath Jayatilaka

Producer      Amarnath Jayatilaka

Cast              Nita Fernando, Cletus Mendis, Vishaka Siriwardena, Madhuranga Chandimal, Anushka Nilanjani Ekanayaka

Category      Drama

Duration      104 Minutes

Format        PAL

Language    Sinhala