Bahu Barya


DescriptionBahu Barya is an intriguing true-to-life story of a young married couple’s traumatic experience of being deprived of their burning desire to have a child of their own. Kapila (Portrayed by Ranjan Ramanayake) and Navoda (Played by Wasanthi Chathurani), have done everything possible and consulted the best doctors, but all their efforts have failed to produce a child. As their desperation grows, events take an unexpected turn. Kapila finds himself stranded on a deserted country road when his vehicle breaks down in heavy rain. He seeks help from a house nearby, where the woman occupant offers him sympathy and shelter for the night. Theja (Sangeetha Weerarathne) is temporarily separated from her husband, and this encounter with Kapila inevitably leads to a relationship between the two.

The story now takes a dramatic turn, changing the lives of all its main characters. Kapila believes that he and his wife have finally found a solution to their problem, but they soon realize that the solution has become another nagging problem for them. Watch the fascinating sequence of events unfold and enjoy every minute of a captivating movie, which climaxes in an exciting, yet bizarre end.

Director       Udayakantha Warnasuriya
Producer     Ranjith Jayasooriya
Cast            Ranjan Ramanayake, Sangeetha Weerathne, Wasanthi Chathurani, Susan Fernando, Srinath Maddumage, Janak Premalal
Category     Drama
Duration     85 minutes
Format       PAL
Language   Sinhala