Karunarathna is a wealthy businessman who heads an upper-class family. He has two sons and a daughter. One day a family of distant relatives comes to visit him. He bears a grudge against
them so he criticizes them behind their back. Things take a dramatic turn when the elder son of Karunarathna (Dayaveera) gets romantically involved with a daughter of the other family.
They decide to get get married and get their own house. Then along comes an outsider (Wickrama) who shakes the roots of both these families. Despite the best efforts of the family members everything starts to fall apart. Will they be able to survive, or will they break under pressure?

Director      Dr.Lester James Peries

Producer    Dilman Jayarathne

Cast            Joe Abeywickrama – Iranganie Serasinghe -Tony Ranasinghe – Leena De Silva Lucky Dias – Wasanthi Chathurani Kamal Addararachchi – Rathnalalini Jayakody Ranjan Ramanayake – Sanoja Bibile

Category    Drama

Duration    150mnts

Format      PAL Colour

Language Sinhala