Awa Soya Adere


Gamini (Gamini Fonseka) is a son of a wealthy landowner. After completing his studies in Colombo he returns to his village home to take-over his father (Ekanayaka Hamu’s) business. One day he sees Nilanthi, a poor village girl, and mesmerized by her beauty, falls in love with her. Ekanayaka Hamu soon finds this out and becomes enraged. He tortures Nilanthi in order to persuade her to stop her relationship with Gamini, and forces her father to leave the village with her. The poor man refuses stubbornly.

While in a heated argument about this relationship, Ekanayaka Hamu hits son Gamini with his walking stick. The shot goes horribly wrong, and Gamini with serious injuries falls into a coma. The doctors say that there is only little hope, and they should ask Nilanthi to try to bring him out of his coma. Ekanayaka Hamu is left with no other choice but to plead to the girl he tortured to come and save his son’s life. For the sake of their love Nilanthi agrees. Will Nilanthi be able to cure her lover? What will Ekanayaka Hamu do next? Watch this wonderful film to find out…

Special Thanks

To Mr.Tissa Nagodawithana for giving consent to present this DVD movie for the Sinhala Home Video Lovers from his amazing collection, for the first time

Director      Lenin Morayas.
Producer    Sarath Rupasinghe
Cast            Gamini Fonseka, Malini Fonseka, Piyadasa Wijekoon, Anthony C. Perera
Category    Music
Duration    140 Mnts
Format       PAL – B&W
Language   Sinhala
Sub Title    nil