Ali Peter


Peter hides in the jungle to evade punishment for a mistake made by him, but ends up being caught in a trap meant for elephants. He is rescued by a female elephant. Then he befriends a baby elephant and helps other elephants to avoid traps set by the illegal hunters.

Meanwhile, peter’s parents report to the police that he is missing. The police launch a rescue mission and, while searching for Peter in the jungle, they come across the traps. Ultimately, with Peter’s help, they manage to capture a gang of thieves who were in their most wanted list for a long time.

Director        A film by GDL Perera

Producer      GDL Perera

Cast              Starring Joe Abeywickrema, Felix Premawardena, Malani Fonseka, Nihal Jayawardena, Kingsley Madawela and Navanandana Wijesinghe.

Category      Kids

Duration      90 mnts

Format        PAL Colour

Language    English

Sub Title      Sinhala

Awards        The first Sri Lankan English language film to be sold to abroad upon a commercial agreement.