Director - Jayantha Chandrasiri
Product Number: TVM1016,1017

The Chief of the Sudaliya (Sriyantha Mendis) clan did not have children. However, he wanted someone to master the form of martial art known by him. He decides to teach the art to his sister’s son. Hethupala (Buddhadasa Withanarachchi) was a traditional teacher who volunteers to educate village children. He too had mastered martial art. Rana (Kamal Addaraarachchi) is one of his students, who is in love with Swarnapali (Damitha Abeyratne) studying in the same class. The teacher also has a soft corner for her. Therefore he did not like the affair between the girl and Rana. So Hethupala, the teacher, punishes Rana even for very small mistakes.

The Sudaliya Chief’s nephew who was mastering the art, did not hesitate to teach the same to Rana at free times, as a gesture of return for support to make friendship with a village woman. The Chief, knowing that their family’s entity had been given to an outsider, kills his nephew. Rana, who knows the story, hides in the jungle. Hethupala the teacher, who was not happy with the incident, challenges the Chief. Hethupala dies in this incident, and Rana decides to punish the Chief who put his teacher’s life to an end. He challenges the Chief and decides a date for the fight. However the Chief does not come, as he meets with a sudden death. Rana who was waiting for the arrival of the Chief, falls into the hands of the Police and dies of a gunshot.


Director   Jayantha Chandrasiri
Producer   Sunil Ratnayake
Cast   Kamal Addaraarachchi, Sriyantha Mendis, Buddhadasa Withanarachchi, Damitha Abeyratne, W Jayasiri, Wasantha Vittachchi, Deepani Silva, Edward Gunawardane,
Category   Tele - Drama
Duration   360 Minutes
Format   PAL
Language   Sinhala
Sub Title  
Awards   Sumathi Tele Award - for Best Teledrama,  Best Diretor, Best Actress, Best Camera Director, Best Music Director
Price   Rs.1500



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