Director - R.R Samarakoon
Product Number: TVM1057


The riveting stage drama ‘Kelani Palama’ was screened for the first time in Sri Lanka in 1978. Produced and directed by R.R Samarakoon, a veteran in Sri Lankan theatre, this drama tells the story of the underprivileged people who live in shanties under the Kelani Bridge. In rainy seasons the river overflows causing floods which drive the shanty folk on to the bridge, as they have no where else to go. This leads to disputes with the authorities, who are unsympathetic to the woeful cries of these poor people. The plot thickens when a son of one of the shanty folk becomes a police officer and turns against his own people. The story takes many more twists and turns, keeping the audience captivated till the very end.

Director R.R.Samarakoon
Producer R.R.Samarakoon
Cast Neil Alles, Ramya Wanigasekera, J.H.Jayawardane, Wickrama Bogoda, Menike Aththanayake, Rathnasiri Liyanagoda, Cyril Dharmawardane, Pathmini Divithurugama, Geetha Kanthi Jayakodi
Category Drama
Duration 150 Minutes
Format PAL
Language Sinhala
Sub Title  
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