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Irata Handana mal


Aravinda is an accountant who supportshis wife (Surangi)’s dream to become an actress.

Her acting career takes off and Aravinda is left withno choice but to attend to both work

and household duties.This jeopardizes his professional life as well.Meanwhile Surangi gets

involved with anotheractor and decides to leave Aravinda.Even though life is falling apart

around him Aravindaworks hard to raise his kids. He also manages to resist the sympathy

of his assistant Niroopa and urangi’s sister.In the meantime Surangi slowly realizes that

she has made a terrible mistake and tries to reunite with Aravinda.

Will he let her back in his life, or will she lose everything?


Script & Director       Chandrarathna Mapitigama
Producer                   Sunil Rathnayake of Teleview
Cast                           Lucky Dias, Sanoja Bibile, Ajith Jinadasa, Ashoka Peries, Agnus Sirisena, Jayalath Manorathne, Ramani Bartholomeusz, Rohana Beddage, Muri Samarasinghe, Athri Saroth Mapitigama, Veenavi Sulakkhana Mapitigama
Category                  Tele – Drama
Duration                  450 Mnts
Format                    PAL Colour
Language                Sinhala

12 Episodes